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The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt

December 1 - December 12

Join us for the most festive event of the season, "The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt", in the heart of our city!

Gather your family and friends and uncover Christmas trinkets scattered throughout your favourite city stores. Solve each clue or riddle to find your destination, there are 12 locations to tick off the list.

Play solo or in teams.

Whether you're a seasoned puzzle solver or a first-time adventurer, The Great Christmas Scavenger Hunt promises fun for all ages and is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.


Twelve mystery shops are waiting to be discovered across the City Heart from Macalister to Sydney Street.

Each mystery shop has a poster on display and trinkets or treats to be collected.


  1. Use the clues on this webpage to find the mystery shop.
  2. Find the Christmas Stocking to collect a trinket or treat from each stop on the scavenger hunt list.
  3. Upload a photo of you/your team completing the scavenger hunt to go in the random draw for extra prizes. (See entry form below)


Put on your festive best and dress-up for the occasion.

Please note that you can complete the scavenger hunt in any order from December 1 to December 12, during opening hours, and you don’t have to solve all locations to be in the random draw.


Upload a photo of you/your team completing the scavenger hunt to go in the random draw for extra prizes.


Download the clues here or follow them below....

All the locations are between Macalister and Sydney Streets.

Clue 1 Look for stuffed animals and board games too, a place to find the perfect toy tailored just for you.

Clue 2 Head to a location to find the perfect frozen treat to beat the heat.

Clue 3 From gouda to brie, and salami galore, this place is one you cannot ignore.

Clue 4 Can you find That Shop where cuisines collide, Italian to the left and Indian on the other side.

Clue 5 A name fit for a noble dame where you can find your perfect shoe game.

Clue 6 Follow the trail of petals to find your next store, where the sweet smell of flowers is hidden behind a barn door.

Clue 7 Continue down Ninth Lane to find a place on Sydney Street for parents to rest with a coffee in hand, while kids play in a magical fantasy land.

Clue 8 In an arcade that’s teeny and tiny, you’ll find a place that’s your one-stopshop to create the perfect kids space.

Clue 9 Look for the logo of black and white, with styles full of fashion insight.

Clue 10 Continue your adventure with delight, to find your next treasure shining bright. A place where crystals and castles combine.

Clue 11 It’s not quite mint or forest green, but a shade that’s tranquil and serene. A store where soul meets style, stop for a chat, and browse for a while.

Clue 12 A hop and a leap down the street to your final stop you’re in for a treat. Visit a store with clothes and more, trinkets and treasure to peruse at your leisure.