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Council Land Expression of Interest

In 2019, Mackay Regional Council strategically purchased two riverside properties to protect the long-term vision of the Mackay Waterfront as a waterfront destination that would remain accessible to the community.

Council’s ownership of the properties ensures that the future development of these sites align with the precinct intent and include new community open spaces, improved community facilities, tourism opportunities and places for placemaking and pop-up activations.

To further capitalise on the momentum of the Mackay Waterfront, Council commenced an expression of interest (EOI) process in 2020 to test interest from the development industry. The EOI included the two riverside properties, along with four other council owned free-hold sites situated in key locations across the city centre.  The EOI was the first step in a two-stage process which aims to facilitate property and business investment within the Mackay Waterfront. Respondents were encouraged to include innovative and/or creative development pursuits and ensure concepts reflected the requirements of the development scheme.

Successful shortlisted parties were then invited to enter into a formal tender phase.  On 8 December 2021 the ReNew Mackay Consortium was awarded the tender. This important milestone marks the start of large private investment to help rejuvenate the Riverside and City Centre precincts in the Mackay Waterfront.

Mackay Waterfront Land Tender

Mackay Waterfront Land Tender

The ReNew Mackay Consortium has been successfully awarded the tender...

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